8th International C. difficile Symposium

September 2024

Programe ICDS 2020 virtual

Sessions every Wednesday, 2pm to 3.30 pm (CEST or CET time zone)

Session dateFacultyTitle
30th SeptemberCEST time zone
25 min + discussionRobert Fagan, Sheffield, UKCell surface virulence determinants in C. difficile
25 min + discussionCristina Lanzas, Raleigh, North Carolina, USADynamics and control of C. difficile: lessons learned from a decade of modeling
7th OctoberCEST time zone
25 min + discussionWilliam Petri, Charlottesville, VirginiaGut immunity, microbiome, toxins and C. difficile
25 min + discussionLarry Kociolek, Chicago, USAPediatric aspects of C. difficile epidemiology
15 min + discussion
Selected from abstracts
Martinique Frentrup, Braunschweig, DEApplication of poultry manure for agricultural fertilization causes persistent environmental contamination with C. difficile spores and potential airborne spread
14th OctoberCEST time zone
25 min + discussionPatrizia Spigaglia
Rome, Italy
Antibiotic resistance across C. difficile ribotypes and reservoirs
15 min + discussion
Selected from abstracts
Virginie Viprey
Leeds, UK
Key differences in diagnosis and patient populations between community and inpatient C. difficile infections: results from the combatting bacterial resistance in Europe CDI (COMBACTE-CDI)
15 min + discussion
Selected from abstracts
Ilse M. Boekhoud
Leiden, NL
Heme is crucial for medium-dependent metronizole resistance in clinical isolates of C. difficile
30 minPOSTERS-presentations(display on Zoom + Slack session)
21th OctoberCEST time zone
25 min + discussionYves Longtin
Montreal, Canada
C. difficile - infection control perspective
25 min + discussionChristopher Lopez
Sacramento, USA
C. difficile adaptation to nutrients in the gut
15 min + discussion
Selected from abstracts
Abigail Kelly
Newcastle, UK
Peptidoglycan deacetylases in C. difficile
20 minPOSTER SESSION (on Zoom)
28th OctoberCET time zone
25 min + discussionMark Wilcox
Leeds, UK
The treatment guidelines update in US and EU/UK
25 min + discussionLena Biehl
Cologne, Germany
FMT and other CDI treatment options from Infectious disease specialist perspective
15 min + discussion
Selected from abstracts
Qiwen Dong
Chicago, USA
Accessory genomic elements may contribute to the virulence of hypervirulent C. difficile isolates (BI/NAP/027) in colonized mice
20 minPOSTER SESSION (on Zoom)
4th NovemberCET time zone
25 min + discussionAimee Shen
Boston, USA
C. difficile sporulation
25 min + discussionBruno Dupuy
Paris, France
C. difficile biofilm in the gut ecosystem
15 min + discussion
Selected from abstracts
Rajani Thanissery
Raleigh, USA
Gut microbiota derived lithocholate derivatives inhibits the pathogen C. difficile while sparing commensal gut microbes
20 minPOSTER SESSION (on Zoom)

Additional Poster sessions will be incorporated in the programme.