8th International C. difficile Symposium

17th to 19th September 2024


Abstracts must be submitted online only.

All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English. Please use the Abstract template and structure the abstract to clearly state:

  • Background and Aims: Provide a concise overview of the background leading to the study and clearly state the aims.
  • Methods: Detail the methods employed in the study, including any relevant study design, participants, materials, and procedures.
  • Results: Present the key findings obtained from the study, emphasizing important data and outcomes.
  • Conclusions: Summarize the conclusions drawn from the study results and their implications.

Note that tables and figures should not be included in the abstract.

Abstract deadline: The deadline for submitting abstract for oral and poster presentation is May 15, 2024. Notice of acceptance will be emailed to the corresponding author by June 15, 2024.

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