7th International C. difficile Symposium

Virtual meeting
Weekly sessions starting in September 2020

The programe with weekly sessions and speakers distribution will be available after the selection of short talks from the abstracts

ICDS Invited speakers

Mark Wilcox, UKThe treatment guidelines update in US and EU/UK
Lena Biehl, GermanyFMT and other CDI treatment options from Infectious disease specialist perspective
Yves Longtin, CanadaC. difficile - infection control perspective
Larry Kociolek, Chicago, Illinois, USAPediatric aspects of C. difficile epidemiology
Patrizia Spigaglia, ItalyAntibiotic resistance across C. difficile ribotypes and reservoirs
William Petri, USAGut immunity, microbiome, toxins and C. difficile
Bruno Dupuy, FranceC. difficile biofilm in the gut ecosystem
Christopher Lopez, USAC. difficile adaptation to nutrients in the gut
Robert Fagan, UKCell surface virulence determinants in C. difficile
Aimee Shen, CanadaC. difficilee sporulation
Cristina Lanzas, Raleigh, USADynamics and control of C. difficile: lessons learned from a decade of modeling